dear diary, my teen angst bullshit has a body count

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if you're gay and you can't drive clap your hands 👏👏

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good morning welcome to my bones snapping with every move i make

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How was poetry even invented before websites that give you lists of words to rhyme with 

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[old man shakespeare voice] back in my day we just made up words and said they rhymed and no one could prove otherwise

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Love is ornamental and useless

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angry because you're alone on V-day Aren't you?

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every second is a fatal battle between myself and and the primal need to dye my hair on impulse


we are still fresh, still live, still

half full of brass knuckle bravado, still clinging to the world, flinging ‘fuck you’s on the backswing

pudgy knees rounding out childish holes in too-skinny jeans,

we used your mother’s steak knife,

touched our raw scraped palms together.


im horrified at our prospects now,

we didn’t used to be so dangerous.

the past few years, though.

our tongues sharpened themselves, our knees and knuckles thinned out to hollow points, shadows scooped out our eyes.


i became the lighter, you became the bathtub full of kerosene.


can we be reformed now? could we?

stupified, rolling dazed through this existence

am i this?

or is it just a gimmick from

another hick girl who wants to get famous


why am i still pretending?

Out of habit?

Gangredine Consumptus - Rotganzen

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going to church aka coming into god's own house and telling him EXACTLY how shitty this week has been